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Jun 12

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Friday, June 12, 2009 8:18 PM  RssIcon

As with most treatments change will eventually come. Last weeks monthly advanced testing at Northwestern of the blood has shown an elevation of the IGA which is an indicator of the advancing of the myeloma. The availability of the doctor for discussion and options will be next Friday. It was spoke of on the phone that Velcade could be added to the mix of chemo fighting agents that I am currently on. Early on I was on Velcade which at that time brought me to nearing wheelchair mobility because of the painful side effects of the increase in neuropathy that I experienced. The doctor has led me through two years of treatments which have kept the myeloma at bay but with many ups and downs. The emotional drain is continuous but I still consider myself fortunate to have had this time available to me. With hope and prayers I continue to look for the door left open and with that I continue.

Due to the weekly local blood draws and the monthly advanced testing at Northwestern it has always been said that they would know before I of any advancements. I have felt ok and been able to actively accomplish a lot but with afternoon fatigue and weakness. This has been attributed to the normalcy of that condition existing from the treatments themselves. This week I was given a shot of Aranesp to stimulate red blood cells since my hemoglobin has been on the low side and a boost in the red blood cell count would lesson the need for infusion of platelets. So much of the balance of drug treatment is dependant on one covering the side effects of the other.

Further information will be forthcoming after the meeting next Friday and with that I will close for now.


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