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Results and What's Happening

Mar 7

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Saturday, March 07, 2009 8:42 PM  RssIcon

With The progression of cataracts due to the multiple chemo treatments my vision continues to diminish with blurry vision after having received new glasses in January. Knowing in advance of this and with the eventuality of having surgery it has been scheduled for this Wednesday starting with the left eye which is the worst with cataracts covering the focal point. At the same time I will have intraocular lens replacement. Never a dull moment.

Results from the blood testing did show a reduction of the myeloma indicator to 10% of what it was which again has given the cancer a big blow. Starting this week with the Revlimid and Dexamethasone treatment I should have a further period of time while still feeling good and am able to get around with little discomfort but do sleep a lot. This month has been filled with appointments for eyes, dentist and doctors leaving me with keeping track of what to do on what day and at what time.

In two to three weeks I should have indications if the present regiment of chemo will have a compounded affect on my peripheral neuropathy. Over time the neuropathy has lessoned with original pins and needles with pain and numbness being now numbness with sensitivity to touch. Walking with caution I have attendance to waddle before taking strides. Weight seems to have stabilized at 170 while I did go as low as 165. With the overall loss of weight from the over 200 that was carrying for years all clothing falls off with extra holes being put in the belts to keep my pants falling off. Most everything gives that baggy that is so in fashion with some kids.

Since the round of chemo in the hospital took all my hair again I’ve become accustom to the bald look. Showering goes quick! Warm weather upon us will help with the otherwise cold head that I’ve protected with a large furry hat all winter.

Enjoy and I'll be back with more in weeks to come,

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Re: Results and What's Happening

Thanks Dave, for keeping us up to date with all that is happening. A great number of people care very much about you (including me) and are inspired by the way you are handling your situation. You remain very much in our prayers. Tom

By Tom Ellmaker on   Sunday, March 08, 2009 5:25 PM
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