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More Chemo

Feb 23

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Monday, February 23, 2009 6:32 PM  RssIcon

The doctor’s visit at Northwestern today left questions yet to be answered. Although Karen had been tested for a sibling match my blood workup needed further information to determine if there was a match. There was an indicator that caused the doctor to feel the chemo while in the hospital had affected the myeloma but today’s blood draw would further that determination, It was decided that for now all present medications would continue but there would be the addition of four new drugs of a chemo regiment with one being Revlimid. This is one of the last of the known cancer fighting agents that has good results where other treatments have failed. All will be oral adding to the trail mix of present medications. Revlimid is stronger than Thalidomide but with less side effects. With this combination being given it is hoped to not increase any of the neuropathy thus far experienced and yet make an impactful blow to the cancer. I will have weekly blood draws to monitor and will return to Northwestern in four weeks to again see what results are being had. No bone marrow aspiration was done since the presence of myeloma is still indicated in the blood work.

I continue to feel better by the day but am coughing while trying to clear the remaining and lingering congestion from the pneumonia. I did experience another decline in vision from the most recent chemo. The development of cataracts is a result of side effects of Thalidomide and other chemo used. Over the last year of treatment I had deteriorated vision and required glasses for better far vision which had become blurry and to assist in reading since the off the shelf reading glasses were no longer working due to both eyes being different. In December I decided that now was the time to get corrective eye glasses which worked untik I had the new chemo. There was detection of a large area of cataracts in my left eye which I planned to address later since for the moment the eye glasses worked. As soon as white counts return to normal I will wait for cataract surgery.

The filter that I had inserted while hospitalized will remain. Although it is recommended that filters not be left in over six weeks since they then become grown in it was felt that since the clot remains that the filter would remain. Many people carry them for longer given the time. The importance of not having that clot break down and enter the lungs or heart out weighs the need for removal at thh point in my lifetime. In time I’ll feel like an old car running with a dirty filter.

This pretty well brings yo up to speed with what has taken place. As I continue to improve I will be getting out and about but not until my white counts bring me to a comfort level to help fight off infection. Cabin fever sets in after such a cold winter and having to look out at the changes. I’m looking forward to warmth. I have the ability to drive but limit my distance with the occasional shop visit for mail and to break the days of seclusion.

To all a good night,

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Re: More Chemo

You sound better and that is a good sign. Just thinking of you. Take care,

By Janice on   Friday, February 27, 2009 1:22 PM

Re: More Chemo

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update.

Your Friend

Paul H.

By Paul Hammar on   Friday, February 27, 2009 1:23 PM
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