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Dave's Blog
By Dave Christenson on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 2:37 PM
Dave passed away on August 12th 2009, around 10:00AM. He died in his house while surrounded by family.In his 'drafts' folder I found the following two posts, which he had not had a chance to post. The exact date of each of these is unknown.--------------The battle for a chemo drug to eradicate this terrible disease is over. On Monday when scheduled doctors appointment came at Northwestern Hospital it was told that the third of experimental drugs had failed, two stem cell transplants, two radiations, high dose chemo regiments and in discussion with the Doctor and Barb it was decided to discontinue further treatment. I returned to Central Dupage Hospital where I was able to treat the detoxification of the chemo drug until Friday when I returned home to be with family. Although it has been an emotional battle I would not have hesitate to do it knowing someday a cure will be had.With now as my faith continues to carries me to the final days I know I have done all I can do through hope and prayer.---------------As...
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