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By Dave Christenson on Friday, May 29, 2009 6:10 AM
To all,The last few weeks have been uneventfull with the three weeks on and one week off the oral chemo. There are highs and lows of fatugue and weekness but normally follow my insistence on remaining active and accomplishing some of the realities of liquidation of excess stuff. Having passed the two year mark since being diagnosed I have been given a rare opportunity to put things in order and hopefully make the paperwork more workable. Selling off excess becomes a separation anxiety that I have gotten past but still realize that chapters of my life are closed and the new ones are yet to be written given the time to wonder, why me. Doing what I can around the house rewards me with getting to things that I've put off and much will make no difference other than keeping my mind busy and watching others continue in the hectic life that many have made for themselves.I remain steadfast in my desire to fight the cancer since there is still traces showing in the weekly/monthly blood draws. Having got past the flu season...
By Dave Christenson on Wednesday, May 06, 2009 6:03 PM
To all,

Doctors visit today confirmed that the oral maintenance chemo is having a direct effect on the cancer and keeping it under control. Todays testing results will give me the latest in the response what the chemo is doing but as last mentioned it was nearing remission with only a trace showing in the blood.
The side effects that I'm accepting and dealing with are the continued neuropathy and the new painfull cramping in the hands. There are occassional charlie horses in the lower legs. I will keep in touch as the results are had from the latest testing.

Everything has been good for the last few weeks with great attitude and accomplisment.

Have a great evening,
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