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By Dave Christenson on Saturday, March 28, 2009 9:25 AM
The second eye surgery went well with now both eyes being just shy of 20/20 vision and only the need for readers at present for close up work. What a joy to be able to see without the blurred vision of the cataract growth.The first three weeks of the Revlimid/Dexamethasone treatment has been uneventful with no noticeable side effects. The combination has been recently reported as giving an extended time to progression of disease. With that I am pleased to be able to be around for awhile longer and with further doors opening. The following sight gives a quick overview. There is a certain amount of weakness and fatigue associated with the treatment but it feels good to sleep in every once in awhile.I will be seeing the doctors at Northwestern this week and reviewing my status. I do have weekly blood draws for monitoring all the different counts which are indicators of any change. As the doctors say, "we will know if something is wrong before you feel it".I'm looking forward to the warm weather since it is hard...
By Dave Christenson on Saturday, March 14, 2009 2:45 PM
Left eye cataract surgery was very successful restoring its sight to 20/20. With that I have scheduled the right eye for two weeks down the road. With so much clarity in the left eye it is now the right eye that appears to have total cataract enclosure over the lens area. What a blessing to see so clearly.Last week Karen was confirmed to be a perfect match for a third transplant. No plans are present for making that move until we follow through on the Revlimid /Dexamethasone treatment which is only one week into the first cycle. A surprise call this week from a former Blue Cross Blue Shield case worker also confirmed that the second submittal of request has granted coverage for the third transplant. A huge hurdle to have gained so quickly. I swear all that has been gifted to me is a miracle. With 20% fatality rate for patient on the third transplant it will take some thought but the door has been left open.The only noticeable change thus far in treatment is the extended hours of sleep. This regiment of chemo...
By Dave Christenson on Saturday, March 07, 2009 8:42 PM
With The progression of cataracts due to the multiple chemo treatments my vision continues to diminish with blurry vision after having received new glasses in January. Knowing in advance of this and with the eventuality of having surgery it has been scheduled for this Wednesday starting with the left eye which is the worst with cataracts covering the focal point. At the same time I will have intraocular lens replacement. Never a dull moment.Results from the blood testing did show a reduction of the myeloma indicator to 10% of what it was which again has given the cancer a big blow. Starting this week with the Revlimid and Dexamethasone treatment I should have a further period of time while still feeling good and am able to get around with little discomfort but do sleep a lot. This month has been filled with appointments for eyes, dentist and doctors leaving me with keeping track of what to do on what day and at what time.In two to three weeks I should have indications if the present regiment of chemo will have...
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