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By Dave Christenson on Monday, February 23, 2009 6:32 PM
The doctor’s visit at Northwestern today left questions yet to be answered. Although Karen had been tested for a sibling match my blood workup needed further information to determine if there was a match. There was an indicator that caused the doctor to feel the chemo while in the hospital had affected the myeloma but today’s blood draw would further that determination, It was decided that for now all present medications would continue but there would be the addition of four new drugs of a chemo regiment with one being Revlimid. This is one of the last of the known cancer fighting agents that has good results where other treatments have failed. All will be oral adding to the trail mix of present medications. Revlimid is stronger than Thalidomide but with less side effects. With this combination being given it is hoped to not increase any of the neuropathy thus far experienced and yet make an impactful blow to the cancer. I will have weekly blood draws to monitor and will return to Northwestern in four weeks to...
By Dave Christenson on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 11:05 AM
A week at home has brought rise to my blood counts from the chemo treatment. I was on an IV pump for antibiotics which automatically infused and Barb hung an additional antibiotic to fight the pneumonia which had again entered into the lungs. The nurse comes daily for blood draws and to do dressing changes as I have a pick line directly in the vein for ease in infusing. I’m feeling well and stronger by the day with a good appetite. Weight has fluctuated due to the input of fluids and the response to high dose antibiotics. For now the positive response to the chemo is the good news.As in the last blog I was originally going to be part of a trial but after being rejected from the trial due to lack of a particular protein and with all that has taken place I am returning to Northwestern for an appointment with the doctor to see what the alternative options are. Although the chemo regiment has helped it has never allowed for remission and therefore the myeloma over time will continue. Karen has been tested for a...
By Dave Christenson on Monday, February 09, 2009 8:43 PM
Never expect the day to be as planned. My visit for the Friday 30th appointment was changed by thirty minutes prior to my doctor’s appointment by being rejected from the clinical phase 1 trial study. Then my counts had shown an exponential increase in myeloma activity elevated. Pneumonia was thought to have settled back into my lungs and fever was daily. I was here to stay. I’m here on day 10 with anything but uneventful. I’ve been put back on a heavy regiment of chemo (Thalidomide & Dexamethasone) daily and Velcade injection on days 8 & 11. A routine week of daily fever was abruptly halted on Friday when at 9:30 my heart went a fib my heart was beating irregular and the emergency response team was called in. My temperature spiked a 101.8 degree temp and blood pressure went to 60 over thirty and I was on my way out. With seven coats bedside and machines and paddles in hand my heart responded to medication and began t beat regular again. My kiss of death had reached an emotional high followed by a plummeting...
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