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By Dave Christenson on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 6:18 PM
Friends and Relatives,Today I signed papers to become part of a study for a new drug being tested and in a second stage of study thus far showing some positive effects towards lowering the myeloma presence. The study has a select requirement of having been off all forms of chemo for at least three weeks. I presently fill that requirement since the transplant. If I choose or they choose due to lack of response by the myeloma to the drug or the side effects becoming too overwhelming I can immediately be taken off the study and put on Revlimid which is a known chemo fighting agent that I have not yet had. In reverse if I were to start the Revlimid now and it failed my last effort through drugs presently available include the study drug put need at least three weeks off a drug free system to qualify and only if there were openings in the study at that time. The study is done as an outpatient and requires many weekly and every other day visits to Northwestern.A third transplant of my harvested cells is no longer an...
By Dave Christenson on Wednesday, January 07, 2009 6:34 PM
As things have progressed through the year all indicators have shown progress in the fight against the myeloma. The results of last month’s testing show that progress has halted with the presence of myeloma cells in the system after all that I have been through to eradicate all signs of their existence within me. Since there is such a small presence any further high dose chemo would not be warranted. A slim chance may still exist within the few weeks to come that some residual chemo could cause those cells to yet die off. The question lies as to whether it is these particular cells that are potentially tumor causing in their existence and just how they will affect me in the future. One option is to stop any further treatment or continue what’s referred to as Maintenance where a small dose of ongoing chemo treatment will be given. It has not been found to eliminate the cancer but again to keep it at bay for a longer period of time.In the last four weeks I continue to loose weight with a poor appetite and insufficient...
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