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Dave's Blog
By Dave Christenson on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 7:50 PM
Today’s doctor visit again gave validation to the gradual improvements being made. The pneumonia still lingers in the lower lungs but now allows for coughing up loose and being able to clear myself. Not having run any fever shows that it is improving and the antibiotic continues to work. This particular virus has been catching a few others who have had it stay with them for quite some time. I am also on a once a month three hour infusion that will continue through the flu season which helps to defend against pneumonia. Another infusion which I get once a month is a bone strengthening drug which will continue for two years. A new drug has been added to address the neuropathy and the morphine will be reduced. Next visit in two weeks will be the restaging testing when I’ll have the bone marrow aspiration. Ten days from then I’ll have the consult to go over all the test results and with hope will be given good news of no detectable signs of myeloma activity or presence in the marrow or blood. Although this has been...
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