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By Dave Christenson on Monday, October 20, 2008 4:18 PM
To all,One week report after release shows steady gains to all counts in normal range. Certain drug treatment for vitamin and supplements continue as with pain medication for those areas affected. Lower back remains with aching condition but one I can learn to live with. Neuropathy continues to lesson in lower legs and feet. I do remain on steroids for energy boost and to assist in appetite. It is such a blessing to be feeling as good as I am so soon after the second transplant. Friends and family continue to uplift the spirit of health and a great appreciation for my church family that has been so supportive. My blood draws will now be once a week and two weeks for next doctor’s visit. The look on the doctor’s face said that mile smile was showing in all the gratitude I have for a beginning to a new chance at life as it will be known. Two months the bone marrow aspiration will be taken.I hope now to be part of the changing seasons rather than watching the seasons pass.Forward I journey,Dave...
By Dave Christenson on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 1:31 PM
Family & friends, A long four weeks has passes since last communicated. The entry and departure from the hospital were all uneventful with anything other than what was expected. I was experiencing much fatigue throughout my stay and lack of appetite. The nausea and vomiting were anything but desired.Now at home with a weeks worth of steroids will surely alleviate any lack of appetite and bring back muscle tone from just lying around. There was a daily walk through the halls but followed by rest. Two weeks of passing time is hard when near the last day all days seem as though a week passes. Much boredom.I will be recovering at home for a few weeks while my counts continue to elevate to the higher levels within the ranges being shot for.I hope to return to the employment of Standard Pattern Works, Inc. No longer being a sole proprietorship has both advantages and disadvantages. E-mail...
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