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By Dave Christenson on Sunday, August 24, 2008 5:50 PM
The schedule for the second transplant is September 29th, four months to the day from the first transplant. The harvested cells are frozen and ready for my return to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This time should allow for a quick recovery and determination to rid myself of any signs of this horrible disease.Time since last blog has been spent with some work accomplished but peripheral neuropathy continues. By mid day and following two to three hours on my feet I begin to assume a hunched over position and waddle with aching beginning to become painful requiring me to sit with legs ups. The swelling of the feet and ankles has kept me in my moon shoes which will not enter the cold season without caution since I would not know cold before aching occurs. With the hope of extended time after the second transplant it is also hoped the neuropathy will lesson and allow for a more normal walk and stance. I now appreciate the handicapped parking areas since I am limited in duration of distance and accept the permanent...
By Dave Christenson on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 8:56 PM
Today I received the awaited results of the stem cell. Both tears of joy and sorrow were had. Myeloma was undetectable in the marrow sampling but had a very small presents remaining in the blood. The ability to detect in the marrow is limited to present techniques and yet the presents in the blood demonstrates the reality of the disease. Having learned of others with less response to the stem cell, I remain glad to have achieved the results I did. The initial entry of my condition prior to the transplant had shown a 90% level which was quite overwhelming to the observation of the doctors and to achieve the reduction I had was impressive to them.The next step is to again attack the cancer with another stem cell transplant. Trials have demonstrated an extended period of return to its aggressive state. Knowing the lack of cure at present any extension of time furthers the chance of development of a new drug. Statistically a single transplant gives an average 2 ½ year versus a 3 ½ year time span for the return of...
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