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Dave's Blog
By Dave Christenson on Friday, July 11, 2008 5:48 PM
To all,The latest visit to Northwestern has again given positive acknowledgement of gains being made. The immediate time has been less active due to the discontinuation of the steroids which had been giving me a daily boost in energy. The body will respond in time to give me that lost energy. Less time is spent on my feet because of early fatigue and leg pain and thus the neuropathy continues. I find myself having hot flashes with sweating being overwhelming. My now bald head has beads of sweat just rolling down in all directions. It has been said by the doctors that this is all drug related. The summer heat takes its toll on me quickly when exerting myself with the least activity. Very frustrating!I will be getting a call from the transplant center for setting an appointment in two to three weeks for complete testing; bone density, MRI, bone marrow aspiration, complete blood work up, etc. From all I will be given the report as to any activity left of the myeloma cells. Evaluation of bone structure compromised...
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