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By Dave Christenson on Thursday, June 26, 2008 11:06 AM
Recovery continues as I become more and more mobile with movement. The weekly visits to Northwestern are giving confidence in progress with blood work showing normal criteria in all areas except with slight anemia. I’m in need of the 20 pounds I’ve lost and continue to push myself for doing as much as I can. The neuropathy of the feet is the deterrent since the ankles swell from weight bearing and the chemo’s side effects which linger causing the same weakness and fatigue. The Northwestern visits as well as the blood draws will be spread further and further apart as the results continue to show progress. Physical therapy may be in order to strengthen the back since the compression on the nerves is still an issue around the area that was radiated. Stooping and bending is done in stages. Lifting is very limited with the leg pain from bearing any vertical weight. Immediate relief is had with elevating the legs. In four weeks I’ll have a bone marrow aspiration to see if there are any signs of myeloma activity or cell...
By Dave Christenson on Monday, June 16, 2008 6:55 PM
The infusion of harvested cells were completed. The actual time was 20 minutes of pre chemo infusion followed by 8 minutes of 4.3 million cells being returned from harvest. Hurray!The past few weeks have been a blur with much of what was assumed to be in anticipation an anti-climatic event was two weeks of isolation and boredom with interruption for continuous thought processing of science’s miracles and the grace we are given. My body was at such an extreme low that multiple blood transfusions were given along with plasma to help the immune system through the time in need. Balance of the drugs with constipation, diarrhea and nausea were constant with swelling of legs and ankles from steroids. Walking was paused with fatigue and sleepiness with diet challenged by the hospital food. I was released within two days of what was the worst of my days spent with the promise that it was all part of a normal response to the high dose chemo that worked for others and that I could recover at home and feel better sooner...
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