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Dave's Blog
By Dave Christenson on Sunday, March 02, 2008 9:30 PM
It has been a continuous flow of medicines, having completed 4 cycles of Velcade and the heavy dose Dexamethasone (steroid), I have now been given a reprieve due to the severity of side effects entering into the mental stages of noticeable stress and confusion. Yet, during this time actually feeling fairly well and completing both personal and professional accomplishment in work and life, I go forward. Mobility is still with challenge in relationship to side effects. I have been public getting around but with distance of walking limited due to fatigue/weaknessand pain associated to the neuropathy. Between now and the next direction of treatment I will remain on a higher dose of pain medication and the associated trail mix of drugs with blood count numbers being better but with myeloma activity present. The second tumor radiation had caused a peak of the IGA being monitored and that has been reduced but not to a normal level. The third cycle of Velcade was interrupted by a nasty back to back virus that took three rounds of antibiotics to wipe out high fever and a sweating that could only be compared to a hot tub/dunk tank. This time out caused communication to be slow and weak and with shortness of breath due to heavy congestion. The sterile work environment (no others at the shop) allowed for time to pass with some accomplishment....
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