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By Dave Christenson on Saturday, January 26, 2008 6:09 PM
The Velcade (bortizomid) continues through the end of February with an intent to achieve better numbers for the purpose of health, condition, further treatment and change of same. Simply, I remain the same with numbers being worked on by time in response to medications. All present medication are therefore being continued to see response from present regimen. Conversation and direction has given a choice towards future transplant taking place at Northwestern Memorial Hospital when the need for stem cell transplant comes to achieve hopeful complete response. The desire is to reach the best health condition for advancement into the area of stem cell transplant. No adverse drug therapy has yet been used and lower level radiation have not altered the harvesting which is assumed to be the direction from the oncologist/hematologist at this time. The insurance instruction has been quite accommodating and positive in entering into making it happen. Paperwork, cross the Ts and dot the Is, be most inquisitive and educated...
By Dave Christenson on Thursday, January 03, 2008 10:28 PM
Continuation of the Velcade regimen is allowing for lesser side effects pertaining to immobility. With the two weeks on one week off scenario, the week of Christmas and thru the New Years was a blessing of relief. The time was met with renewed spirit and an awareness of hope that normalcy could be achieved. My mind remained clear in thought and felt that I could regain control of processing which had been met with emotional ridge running. The Hematologist/Oncologist felt the Thalidomide had been the culprit for the such adverse side effects although effective originally in controlled response for Myeloma cell activity. The Velcade is now in the second round and will be evaluated again by the end of the month with present draws indicating some stability. In order for cell transplant to take place a set of numbers needs to be met in the blood draw to validate candidacy (and no doubt insurance endorsement!). The duration of time for this to be met becomes evident as time passes. The daily allotment of side effect...
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