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By Dave Christenson on Saturday, December 22, 2007 5:06 PM
What a rollercoaster! The recent completed thirteen radiation treatments and the first two weeks of Velcade(bortizomid) have brought about a juggling act of time slots. The Velcade has caused some nausea and appetite suppression but yet need for nourishment continues. Oatmeal still tastes good! The blood counts have indicated that anemia has returned and iron is down but continues to be monitored. The follow up response to the blood has hopes that the Velcade may reverse and regain the loss. Drowsiness and fatigue have been given a boost with a daily Decadron (Dexamethasone steroid) treatment but is now demonstrating a lack of a full nights sleep even with the Ambien assist. Hydration is a concern throughout for both bodily function and replenishing of tears shed. I cannot describe how quickly I am triggered with emotion.Most recent visit with Hematologist/Oncologist has given direction to familiarization of stem cell transplant through consult with a specialist who instituted the program at the Myeloma Institute...
By Dave Christenson on Saturday, December 08, 2007 3:42 PM
The pain in the upper back which has been previously thought to be partially caused by the use of the cane and irregular walk is in fact an area with the presence of Myeloma. This was confirmed through CT scans and the presence of inflammation and ongoing pain. Each area of Myeloma is being addressed on an as needed pain relief basis. Multiple Myeloma is as it says multiple because of many locations. One clarification that I may have misled during the education I’ve gained is that it is not a bone cancer but a cancer of the blood formed in the marrow and travels then attaching to the bone where it then creates inflammation through softening of the bone structure. The most recent blood draw taken at the time of my monthly Aredia infusion has shown a reversal in the reduction of the IGA and is thought that the Thalidomide is no longer effective. It is for this reason that the Velcade spoke of in earlier blogs is now on the schedule. The Velcade is administered through an IV push which is preceded and terminated by hydration ( another stick! ). Twelve weeks from Monday’s first Velcade push will be another direction for continued treatment options and I’ll make an entry then. At this point acupuncture would be a treat!

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