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By Dave Christenson on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 5:14 PM
It's during the days of steroids and the extended awake hours I am in thought of just what it means to be gifted with time since all days have 24 hours.  It's time that all of us don't seem to have enough of and yet that's what quality of life is about. It's time beyond and an ability to take time that has not been chosen but gifted.  I now hear that term often coming from my mind and looking at what is next and yet continuing in gratitude for what I have had in time and hope to gain.

No I'm not having a problem, just letting you know that this too is part of what treatment brings to lite.  Yes, I still enjoy every morning that I wake up early and surprisingly again on my early schedule with the diversity of focus allowing for enjoyments of many things as in the past but in different ways. Much more observant of others and what is brought up as important by those others with diversity in their life structure. 

Answers to the changes taking place come with much thought and yet desires for the same...
By Dave Christenson on Friday, November 09, 2007 6:08 PM

I made mention of Jim Croce when in fact I meant Harry Chapin. "Cats in the Cradle!" Must  be the age factor, drugs, lack of sleep, etc.  The winner of the found error was my sister! Two great musical artists/writers for you young pups wondering and  for us older who enjoyed.

A good day,


By Dave Christenson on Saturday, November 03, 2007 10:42 PM

A visit on Thursday to Hematologist/Oncologist gave validation to the reduction in activity being monitored through blood draws.  The protein (IGA) which was originally around 1800 is now down to 600 with a normal of around 400.  The anemia which first showed an anemic condition (reduction of red blood cells) is now normal.  All other chemical data of the blood is now normal except protein.  The continued adverse side effects of the Thalidamide and Decadron (steroid) are a concern, peripheral neuropathy, ankle swelling,  hot and cold flashes, fatigue, weakness, etc., and although I will continue for another six weeks a change in medication will take place.  I will be then getting 12 weeks of Velcade by injection.  The routine will be two injections per week for two weeks with one week off for four sessions making the 12 weeks.  The once every 28 day of infusion of Aredia will continue as will the blood thinner Coumadin for stroke, controlled release Morpine for nerve and bone pain, Advil for muscle pain,...
By Dave Christenson on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 7:14 PM
The website was causing some difficulty in entry and had to wait for #1 son to address the problem. With previous contractual obligations of self employment I was understanding and reminded of Jim Croce's song for those who remember the words. Thanks Matt.

The myeloma count continues to come down with the last blood draw taken and tomorrow will be another.  This will be done at the same time as my second Aredia infusion which helps to reduce the number of sticks since they can use the same port once they get the vein.

Prior to the infusion I will be talking with the oncologist in reference to the ongoing discomfort and restrictive movement.  He feels as is noted in side effects that most are related to medications and will reverse as time progresses through possible medication change.  Velcade has been spoken of which would be administered through twice a week injections for two weeks and one week off.  This would repeat itself on an ongoing basis as a chemo to continue fighting the cancer.

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