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By Dave Christenson on Saturday, September 29, 2007 2:44 AM
Radiation has given some noticable gain with expected benefits to continue with time.  Evaluation will be made in two weeks when I return to radiologist.

Duck walk is assisted with a cane while occasional pain comes from weight bearing on right leg in hip and femur area.  A continued result of inflamation of lessions along nerve path through lower back.  Stength in right leg is very limited and discomfort comes from walking or sitting for extended times.

A return to work has given diverse focus and helps in organizing and finding the top of my desk.  Office skills have been honed and filing and entries are up to date.  Shop work is restricted due to lifting causing commitments to be questioned.

Much time in thought and learning has taken place since diagnosis.  Family, friendships, medical knowlegdge are just a few for which I am grateful.

Aredia infusion starts on Thursday at which time I will update.

Every day is a good day,  Enjoy the fall weather.


By Dave Christenson on Sunday, September 16, 2007 4:57 PM
A day or two of ER visits was enough for the Doc to admit me to the Hospital (Central-Dupage HILTON where there is no Paris) to get a handle on the Meds and the ongoing pain.  Radiation began while here and there has been some less pain with more back movement but a bruised feeling.  The leg pain continued for a few days while the meds were adjusted and after IVs I have now gained pain control and have been put on a slow release morphine and anti-inflamatories which help the myeloma condition that activates the painful nerve response in the leg.  The inflamation of the area affected by the myeloma in the lower back causes the compression on the nerve path that controls the legs and predominantly the left although the right experiences some numbing.   I have additional morphine available for instant release if a spike in pain occurs.  With that I should be released from the hospital possibly tomorrow if today renders the results desired.  Knowledge continues to grow from the reality of my condition which does give...
By Dave Christenson on Friday, September 07, 2007 10:55 PM
Having consulted with both oncologist and radiologist it has been determined that the pain management through oral is no longer effective to stop continued pain in both legs. I have been unable to bear weight on my legs without pain or discomfort and after the occassional crawl to the washroom I must accept the reality.   Multiple trips to the ER have resulted in short term relief but the long term side effects of the pain cocktails will result in undesired side effect of organ damage.  I will be receiving radiation for fourteen visits starting on the 10th.  The area of coverage will target the leg pain and will with time give relief.  Today I return to the oncologist for further answers and instruction to help with the time span to endure. 

With so many variables I am responding slowly to each days requirements but am lifted by my rise to the morning.  Life is great no matter what the challenge.  I continue to be grateful.

Have a great day,


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