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By Dave Christenson on Thursday, August 30, 2007 10:17 AM
Prior to taking a leave of absence from the area a blood draw was taken and the results showed a 25 % reduction int the myeloma cell count.  Good news!!!!!!!!!!  Today I return to the oncologist to update on needed medication.

While away it was necessary to visit an ER for a pain cocktail to relieve left leg pain.  Quite similar to those muscle aches during the growing years that haunted you at night. Circulation to the feet has caused compounding of ankle swelling and pain which was an expected side effect of medication and has caused much discomfort.  Flexibility continues to increase in the back but not without a bruised feeling and the ongoing weakness.  Still walking like a duck, you know that old man stride!  With time I should overcome and not have it so noticeable. 

Visiting with friends and family was a great lift but not without the emotion that I seem to be having when with the highs and lows of pain and medicational effect I am weakened.   I 'm much more sympathetic to those emotionally...
By Dave Christenson on Saturday, August 11, 2007 6:09 PM
After three rounds and the learning experience of ups and downs the oncologist has suggested rather than 4 days every two week that 1 day every week would be a softer shock to the system and a more even uniform pattern of intake.  The pain medications have been balanced with anti-inflamatories so that rather than every four hours of meds they too have been strung out to every two hours during my awake time so that the interaction of both are not felt which was causing some discomfort.  The mixture of 30 plus pills a day has been challenging to keep on schudule but am getting better.  Pain relief continues to be gained but with soreness taking its place.  Flexability is welcomed and I now am beginning to do more in short spans.  The weakness of the legs continues to frustrate but without movement the pain returns so mobility and continued movement during awake hours is necessary for me to feel good along with diverse focus

Taking a break to visit family and friends for a couple weeks and will return with...
By Dave Christenson on Thursday, August 02, 2007 7:00 PM
The last week has been a week of gain.  Pain has been reduced but continued pain medication is necessary. Flexability allows for more freedom of movement but getting up and down remains staged and causes a feeling of weakness.  Nausea has been more common following a meal and requires a time for resting with legs up since the ankle swelling continues.  I have been putting in full days but with reduced time working and more time spent in the office or just organizing and cleaning due to the inability to focus or concentrate.  The vicadin for pain I feel takes a level of concentration away from me. Mornings are still a good blessing and I'm back to putting my socks on with the increase in flexability.  Once again the little things are appreciated.  Out of town family and friend visits have been uplifting and allowed for change in focus but not without the emotional silence. Volunteerism has been tremendous and much appreciated since I will remain limited in doing so many of the physical things which my life has been filled with.

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