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By Dave Christenson on Thursday, June 28, 2007 4:39 PM
Beyond the ongoing pain medications the first chemo drug is now being taken orally. Thalidomide http://chemocare.com/bio/thalidomide.asp This sight gives a fairly complete understanding of what the drug will do for me and what I will be experiencing in side effects. I have felt fatigue, weakness, some rash and ankle swelling. The next oral will start next Monday due to the delay caused by the removal of the teeth as earlier mentioned.

On the note of teeth it was today that I was again able to smile my big smile after receiving a front tooth replacement. As a child the tooth fairy only gave a quarter but for me it was worth so much more to fill the void. It is now that these little things are so much appreciated.

There have been multiple blood draws taken in the past few weeks for testing in all areas. Besides my doctor there has been the oncologist, proctologist, urlogist, dentist and oral surgeon. Every one of them has begun to take a personal interest (billable time) in my ongoing care.

By Dave Christenson on Wednesday, June 06, 2007 5:44 PM
Life changed on May 11, 2007. Having had lower back pain for an extended period of time it was time for a time out to ask for further answers. An MRI was scheduled and the results showed multiple lesions in the lumbar and sacral area of the lower back on both left and right sides. At that time Cancer became a part of my life. Additional testing to include CT scans, blood draws and bone marrow aspiration were all done to confirm that I had Multiple Myeloma. Within days I had become familiar with words that had previously had no meaning or interest in my vocabulary.Chemo treatments are administered both orally and by infusion but had to be delayed for necessary dental work. Since Myeloma is a bone disease it was necessary to remove any teeth that should possibly have need of extraction in the near years to eliminate lack of healing with the chemo to be given. Having still three wisdom teeth was just the beginning with two front teeth, one upper and one lower that had to be removed. This gives me that filmable image...
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